Ah, the prestigious Sternwood Academy! If someone had told you about it earlier this year, you would've called them crazy. And even now, as you look upon it, it's still rather hard to believe what you're looking at. As the mysterious flyer you were sent informed you, this is no ordinary school. It has been built between worlds, and the students you see walking around you are as alien as can be. Humanoid animals, animate objects, and creatures you thought you would only see in myths, all mingling together. It's a bizarre sight. Normally, the recruiter had explained, someone as mundane as a human wouldn't even be considered as a student. But apparently, your "Morphic Resonance", whatever that means, was an unusually high level. It got you a fully paid scholarship, so you're not complaining! You make your way to the dorms, and before long, you find your room: 906. The door's unlocked, and you can hear... noises from inside? For a moment you're suspicious, until the moment of obvious realization comes: of course! Your roommate! You put on your best smile and open the door, hefting your bag in and greeting your new roommate, who happens to be: A smug-looking [[Demon]]. A friendly [[Centaur]]. A soft-spoken [[Minotaur]].You enter the room to see half of it coated in egregious amounts of black and metal, various lewd posters covering the wall. "'Sup, bitch?" A red hand waves from the black-sheeted bed. "My name's [WORD UNPRONOUNCABLE BY MORTAL TONGUES], but you can just call me Xack!" He had a voice like a fast-talking door-to-door salesman. You shake your head, and clear out your ears, trying to grasp what you just heard come out of his mouth. But suddenly, two muscular arms come out from behind you, clapping over your chest. When had he moved?! You gasp in surprise. "I'd ask your name, but I don't particularly care!" The Demon said, squeezing your chest. It was uncomfortable, but his hands seemed to have a heat in them that shuddered through your body at the touch... "...Especially seeing as you're not a chick." He let go and sauntered back to his bed, where he kept a variety of porn mags, cloven hooves clopping on the ground. His tail whipped back and forth as he laid down again, glancing at you from the corner of his eye as you set your luggage down by your own bed. Before long, you're completely unpacked, and you open your mouth to try and incite conversation with Xack. I mean, he wasn't the most pleasant of people, but maybe he just had a tough shell? Before you can get a word out, he speaks up yet again. It's getting frustrating not being able to speak at all... "Alright, now that you're all unpacked, let's set a few [[ground rules]]..."Immediately as you open the door, you find yourself faced with a brown furred horsebutt, with absolutely massive balls not too far below. Looking beyond it, instead of a horse's head, you find a tanned torso, twisting around to look at you, smiling. "Oh, hey!" The Centaur says, grunting as he grips and pulls the bed in front of him, clearly in the wrong position. "Sorry about the traffic jam, I need to get this bed out... and I wasn't expecting you so early... thanks for opening the door though!" You offer your help, and he obliges, though it's mostly him doing the lifting. Your head only comes up to his stomach, and his torso is almost as muscled as his horse body. It's honestly kind of intimidating how huge he is, even on his human parts... You both walk back into the room, and you see that where a bed would usually be, the Centaur has placed a bedding of hay, which he now lays down upon as horses do, smiling and reaching out his hand for you to shake. "I'm Andrew! Nice to meet you, dude." He shakes firmly, but not too hard. You tell him your name, and he nods. "Cool name. Fitting! Want me to help you unpack? You did help me with that bed, after all." He stands up and helps you with your luggage, showing you where everything is in the room, and generally being a stand-up guy. However, from his horse body, there seems to be... some kind of weird smell. A musk, I guess you'd call it. It made you feel sorta nauseous, but it was oddly nice. Eventually you started to lose your balance, and collapsed onto his back, arms draping over his form. "Uh... are you alright?" He seemed weirded out at first, then looked down at you with genuine concern. "No, I'm..." You start to say, rubbing your face against his flank and sniffing it uncontrollably. Why did he smell SO GOOD? "...I'm alright. Sorry." You push yourself away, feeling a bit unsteady. "Yeah, I'm really buying that... listen, don't go into class tomorrow, alright?" He said as he picked you up and lowered you into bed. "You might be slightly allergic to me, and it'll take a few days to build up a tolerance. So just... [[try to get some rest]], alright?" You nod. What a nice guy...You crack the door to the sound of a yelp from within. "Gah! Who is that? Why are you breaking into my room!?" You open the door further and carry your luggage in, just in time to see a small brown bovine tail be pulled underneath a quivering set of covers. "Don't kill me! I don't have any money... with me." You chuckle, and call back to him. "Hey, calm down! I'm just your new roommate." You look around the room, finding even your roommate's side fairly unadorned. Looks like he only brought clothes and some books with him. The quivering stops. "Oh... really?" Slowly, the covers are lifted back, exposing a brown-furred bullman. He's surprisingly short for a Minotaur, only a bit shorter than you. "Well, uh... hey there. My name's Perseus, but you can just call me Percy." He holds his hoof-hand out for you to shake, and you do so gladly. He sorta shrinks back at your touch, but smiles. "Maybe we can be friends? That'd be cool..." He said hopefully, and you nod. He seems [[nice enough!]]As you enter the alchemy labs, your nose is assaulted by a variety of smells as various amateur potioneers are hard at work! You even see a bird guy drink a potion and then immediately melt into a puddle. You wince and move to the huge potion rack that dominates the wall. There should be some complete... safe potions, there. -[[True Love Potion]]: 'A pearly white serum that will cause the drinker to fall in love with the next person they see! Truly, they will see you as their perfect mate.' Sounds like this could mend his broken heart! Now all you need to do is find a suitable partner for him... but you can do that later. -[[Confidence Concentrate]]: 'A draught of liquid maschismo! Energize the determination and self-importance of anyone! Probably no drawbacks!' Perseus has serious self esteem issues. Maybe this will help..."You sssure you want that one?" The snakey potions master says as he slithers over to you, suspicious. "It'sss dangerousss... and powerful. Are you sssure you want to fall in love like that?" He coils around you, unthreatening but intimidating nonetheless. "Well, uh..." You say, nervous. "It's not actually for me, I just wanted to help out a friend." "Then, maybe you should tessst it out first?" He whips out his tail, coiling it into a circle that could hold the potion. "Let me show you what it can do." [[Give it to him?]] "Uh, no thanks..." You say, hurrying out of the potions room. He shrugs, and continues his work. You swish around the beaker of white potion, finding that it has to be refrigerated... hm, fair enough. When you get to the dorm, Perseus is nowhere to be seen. You make sure to stow the potion in the refrigerator before going to sleep... you'll give it to some cow tomorrow... You wake up to an odd humming sound, coming from the kitchen area of the dorm. You get up, feeling slightly dizzy and see that Percy is at the stove, cooking up some eggs and bacon for breakfast. You smile and thank him, saying that you're not feeling so good today. "Heh, it's no problem at all!" He said cheerfully, bringing over the eggs and putting them in front of you. "After I drank that milk you brought back earlier, I've just been feeling awesome every time I look at you." He sighed happily and plopped his head down on one hoof-hand. "You're a really awesome friend, you know that? You smile, but inward, you're panicking. When he's not looking (which is alarmingly infrequent), you glance over at the fridge. He drank it. And now he's in love with you... great. By the second, you're feeling stranger... until you feel a weird [[tingling]] on your lower abdomen...You take the confidence boosting potion, and during the night, pour a good amount into Percy's mouth. That should do the trick! Or at least, that's what you think at the time. You lay down to go to sleep... And wake up with a muscular bull standing over you, breathing heavily. It's still dark outside, but he stares at you with a hunger in his eyes and a sneer on his face. "Get up," He says, in an oddly familiar voice. But you've never heard it with such... malice. "I said GET UP!" As he bellows you jump to your feet, but you don't get the chance to do much else, as he grabs you with his massive bovine arms. "W-who are you?!" You ask, hoping that this isn't Perseus. But he carries you over to his bed, which is empty. He throws you down on it, climbing on top of you. He's got you pinned, and you can only watch as his member grows... "Isn't it obvious?!" He chuckles, moving his snout uncomfortably close to your face. You glance away, and see the bottle of the Confidence Concentrate... 'TO USE: Sprinkle some on your face for instant self-esteem! WARNING: DO NOT OVERDOSE.' "Oh... god..." You whimper, as he forces you down. "I'm your god now, bessie~" He says, before thrusting up between your legs. His firm cock presses against your fearful flaccid one, and as you unwillingly take in his enchanted musk, you feel him pressing further... further in! He extracts his cock from the walls of your thick new bovine pussy, watching satisfied as black and white fur grows around it, and instead lances the thing up your torso, rubbing against your belly and chest on its way to your face, planting itself in your mouth. Everything it touches becomes discolored, and soon, breasts press up on your chest, hugging the cock as he tittyfucks you! You groan, but quickly begin lowing as your mouth grows bigger, more accomodating... into a bovine snout. Your thick tongue runs across his member, as he teases your growing udders, before turning you onto your back, wrenching his shaft from your mouth. He smacks your small ass, which jiggles a lot more than it should. It swells into a pillowy rump at his touch, capped with a small tail that he pulls out to its full length as mounts you, thrusting roughly into your pussy! You pant, and eventually begin giggling as he feels up your body, massaging and fondling your boobs and udder... he's confident now~! And super sexy! He orgasms in you more times to count, and by the end both your belly and udder are engorged. He leaves the room, then. And comes back with two things: a terrified goblin and two cowbells. You eagerly slip one on, marking you as his cowslut, and fondle yourself as you watch as he makes the goblin fit to join you... THE END You try to ignore the sensation as you eat breakfast, thinking it's just a side-effect of hunger, but soon it becomes too weird to bear! Almost swollen, even, like a bag with too much stuff in it. You look down, seeing a visible bulge against your shirt... and pull it up slightly... And right back down. Your eyes are wide, but you give it another look. Yep, it's just as you thought. Round... pink... four teats... you give it a poke, feeling a twinge of pleasure run through your body. Swollen and sloshing with milk, too. You've got an udder. And alarmingly, around it black and white fur seem to be growing. "Um..." Percy notices your distress, making movements to stand. "You alright over there? Did some of the stuff get on you?" You look back at him, blinking, struggling to find the words to say. [[Show him.]] [[Keep it secret.]]You sigh and stand up, holding your shirt up high. All at once, his ears perk up and he blushes, laughing nervously. He creeps over, still beaming, and prods at your udder. You wince, each touch feeling unnaturally pleasurable. "Wow... you never told me you were a cow!" He said excitedly. "No wonder I thought you were so cute, ehehehe..." You don't have the heart to tell him the truth, so you roll with it, nodding weakly. You look down fearfully at your swollen udder, and his gaze follows yours. "It's filling up pretty fast... why don't I milk that for you?" He leans in close, closing his mouth over a teat. You try to protest, but unable to as he begins to suckle. "Oh god... mmmm...." You moan as he continues. Your eyes droop closed as your fingers play with your other teats, which also dribble milk. It feels so good... the liquid squirting out into a willing mouth... "Mmmmmm...mmmoooooooo~!" You begin to low as your face changes to match his, becoming bovine, but feminine. The rest of your body rapidly follows, with similarly milky breasts and wide, child-bearing hips the stars of the show. You pull backwards in a daze, hooves clopping on the floor, but Percy follows, even as you plant your ample heifer ass on the bed, tail sweeping the covers. Percy rises and presses his body against yours, pushing you back onto the bed as your eyes meet. With him this close, you catch wind of his musky bull scent and you go wild, pulling him closer, on top of you, kissing him passionately, mooing all the while. Oh god, it feels so good…! You break the kiss and open your eyes, gazing at his now naked body. Your eyes travel lower and lower, watching as his proportionally massive bullcock slowly snakes its way between your legs... You snuggle close to him, and whisper, "[[I love you]]~" Wait, what the hell!? This is [[TOO WEIRD]]!You smile nervously at him and thrust your shirt down over the udder, breaking out into a cold sweat. "What? Haha, no, I'm fine..." You say. He gives you a look, but seems to buy it, at least for now. "Well, if you say so!" He says, finishing his breakfast and standing up. "I've got class to go to... and so do you, I think? So I guess we've gotta go." He seems to wait for you. "No, uh... go on ahead..." You tell him. "I need to get ready." Percy frowns a bit, but nods. "Alright. See you later~!" He says, running out the door. Leaving you alone. With your udder. You flip up your shirt again, gasping as you find your entire stomach coated in black and white fur, and watch visibly as your udder seems to twitch and grow. You stand up warily... and stagger as you feel it slosh around, plump and milky. You put a hand to your head. Oh god, how are you gonna fix this? [[Milk yourself.]] [[Return to the AlchemLabs.]]At first, you try to use the bathroom... but as you stroke your teats, mooing with increasing fervor as you dribble your milk into the tub... damnit, it feels too good! And you're producing milk faster than you can get rid of it! You discreetly head to the stables on campus, taking notice of the leering eyes of minotaurs as you pass, trying to ignore their oddly alluring smiles. Luckily, you find an empty stall and bring yourself in! You see tubes and other machinery hanging from the ceiling... this has gotta be a milking stall, right? You're far more changed now... two milky breasts have appeared on your chest, and your hips have become... well, calf-bearing. Judging by that wetness between your legs, it's not exactly an unfitting descriptor. On the ground, there are four marks in the shape of cow hooves. Seeing no other way to retrieve the milking tubes, you carefully lower yourself, planting your hooved feet and hardening hands on the images, moaning as you feel your mammaries swing below you, extremely full. -COW DETECTED-, you hear a machine say, to your embarassment. -SCANNING...- A metal frame comes down around you, sweeping a red laser across your form. It... tingles slightly... and before you know it, your clothes have been unraveled, leaving you completely naked, shivering in the cold of the stable. -REMOVED OBSTRUCTIONS. BODY STRUCTURE LOGGED- Mercifully, six tubes descend, looking themselves over your boobs and teats. And then the machine starts. "MMMOOOOOOOOOOOO~!" An incredible suction draws milk from your body at amazing speeds. It feels soooo satisfying, to be emptied out like this... and the motion is just making you jiggle! Man, you'd have become a cowgirl much earlier if you'd known it meant this! -MILK RUNNING LOW- The machine says, but strangely, it does not slow. Still, you ready yourself mentally to leave... -INCREASING SUBJECT EFFICIENCY- Wait, what does that mean? You soon get your answer, as you hear a hidden door slide open in the stall, releasing a muscular bull. Not a minotaur, a bull... and he sniffs a bit, approaching you. Your eyes go wide with panic, but you can't seem to bring yourself to move...! Within seconds, his forelegs are around you, and his belly is pressing down on your back... he's so heavy! And that's not the worst part. A long, thick member is pressing and poking against you down below, near your udder... until it finally finds its way inside of you, sliding in and bottoming out almost immediately! You bellow with pleasure (and a bit of pain), but your open mouth is easy prey for another tube, that shoves itself in, and immediately begins pumping a pink, viscous fluid down your throat. As you are filled from both ends, you feel your breasts shrinking as your udder swells, pressing against the ground, and your hands curl up and harden into proper hooves. Your back is enough now, to support your mate's weight, even as he drives into you. With every thrust, your struggles weaken, and before long, the tube flops out of your mouth, followed by your thick, animal tongue. You feel your mate explode inside you, but that part doesn't matter anymore. What matters is how your belly swells, and how your udder swells because of it. It is huge and wobbly, pressing against the ground as the machine struggles to keep up with your overwhelmingly supply. You're dumb, happy, and pregnant, just like a dairy cow should be... THE END You stumble across the quad as your udder grows and grows... it's t-too big! As your whole body changes to become more cowlike, you clop back into the alchemy labs, leaving a trail of milk whereever you go. The serpentine potions master just raises a nonexistent eyebrow. "Didn't work out like you hoped, eh?" "P-please... I just need to stop this!" You panic. "I need to change... I need to..." "Alright, hold your calves..." He said, flinging you a potion with his tail. It lodges in your mouth, dripping down and temporarily ceasing the pressure in your udder. "That's stopped your milk production... now you can calm down and think of a proper way to-" "No! I need to change back!" You rush to the shelves, still trying to cradle your udder as your boobs bounce on your chest. You vaguely notice as a group of minotaurs followed you in, leering at you uncomfortably... oh god, you need to change back! You take a bunch of random potions off the shelves, downing them quickly and tossing them aside. "Wait! No, you can't-" The snake starts to say, until you splash him with a potion. In his place, a baffled Marilith stood, before vanishing in a puff of brimstone. And still, you keep chugging potions, as the minotaurs approach... As one grabs you by the rump, you grunt in panic, a strange feeling emanating from your belly... you feel him fuck you, but it's distant... almost detatched... You watch your body from another plane, as it turns to stone, belly swelling out as the features change to become that of a generic cow, no trace your self remaining. You glare at it, and the minotaurs around it, and suddenly, they are beuddered and pregnant, mooing on the ground pitifully. A similar fate meets anyone else who enters and approaches the statue. You are a fertility goddess now, elevated by the overdose of magic... and while you can only do one thing that you know of... you do it quite well... and over time, your powers will grow and grow... just like the wombs of your victims. THE ENDYour dreams are fitful, though oddly, they are full of some rather pleasant things. Wide open fields, green grass, trees, horsecocks... your eyes snap open. What was that last part again? Looking at the clock, it looks like you've overslept to about 1 PM. Good thing you don't have classes. And the musk seems to be bothering you less. In fact, it's actually sorta fragrant. You are about to go out for some food when Andrew comes in the door, bearing two plates. "Oh, you're up!" He smiles as he sees you. His entrance causes another blast of musk to waft through the room, but it barely fazes you. "Good to see that a good night's sleep helped you out." He handed you a plate and started talking about his day. "Believe it or not, there's actually a whole lot of Centaur guys here!" He sounded really excited, and you listened intently. "They've even got this awesome club! I was thinking about joining, but I wasn't completely sure... They do act a bit roughly, but that's typical Centaur behavior... What do you think?" [[Encourage him.]] [[Tell him it's a bad idea.]]"Yeah, you should totally join!" You say, despite not knowing anything about the club. Andrew smiled and nodded. "Alright, if you say so! I'll be sure and tell you how it turns out!" The centaur excitedly gallops out of the room. But not fifteen minutes later, he's back, an expression of crazy panic on his face. "Oh shit oh shit oh shit..." He repeats, holding a hand to his temple and pacing around the room, pawing at the ground. "I..." He turns to you, a pained expression on his face. "I hate to ask, but... I need your help, dude." "What is it, what's wrong?" You ask, standing up. "Well, uh..." Andrew scratched the back of his head. "We were talking, and one thing led to another... and they were all talking about how awesome their mares were, and they assumed I had one, and I... didn't." You raise an eyebrow. "So I lied," He admittedly, wincing. "And now they're expecting me to come with a mate..." Your heart suddenly quickens its pace, but you're not sure why. "And... how do you expect me to help?" You try to stay aloof, but you're somehow really excited. "Well, would you be... uh... willing to become a Centauress for tonight...?" He mumbled as he finished asking, red around the cheeks. "Yes, [[definitely]]!" "Uhm... I [[dunno]]...""I don't think you should go..." You say to him between bites. "You're fine as you are, you don't need to mix with another group to make yourself feel like a better person. Stand aside from the herd, y'know?" He smiles and nods, seemingly inspired by your psuedo-philosophical words, but he idly taps his front right hoof. It's clear he isn't entirely comfortable. "Maybe... maybe you're right! I'll stop by to let them know I'm not interested. Thanks for the advice!" He walks out the door with significantly less spring in his step, and you fall asleep before he returns... though in your somnolence, you think you hear him enter... since when did he get so many hooves? With that thought in mind, you quickly slip back into your dreams. You yawn and throw back the covers as you awaken, but you are quickly shaken from your grogginess by the sight of an unconcious Centauress, bound and gagged on your room's floor! "Oh my god," You murmur as you get up, helping to try and rip the binds off of her as she moans into conciousness. Upon closer inspection, her lips, skin and fur are covered in splatters of what could only be equine cum, but not only that... but her winking marehood is dripping with the stuff as well. As you remove the binds from her hooved legs, you see her massively distended stomach. She's clearly pregnant, with at least twins, you guess. "A-are you alright?!" You ask her as her eyes fluttered open. "Unnnh..." She moaned, rubbing at the rope-marks on her body. "I... I think so..." "Who are you?" You ask her in quick succession. "Are you a friend of Andrew's? Who did this to you?" "Dude... I... I am Andrew," She gasped, and held her forehead in her hands. "Who... who did this...? Mmmm, I feel so..." She smiled dully, rubbing at her generous chest and swelling belly. "I'm gonna... I'm gonna be a mommy... foals... heehee...!" You can't help but cringe at what's become of your friend. "Andrew, focus! Don't worry, I'm going to help you, alright? I'm going to report those horrible stallions-" "NO!" She suddenly screams, gripping your arm with horse-like strength, gazing into your eyes with unclouded concern. "You'll get... you'll... hurt my studs~!" She giggled again, wiggling her ass and thrusting it against an invisible partner... ------------------ You never did confront that mysterious Centaur club, but maybe it's for the best. After all, you already had your hands full with Andrea, as she now likes to be called. After helping her cope with her new sex-crazed personality, you watch over her new foals while she serves as the club's premier brood mare. She's still a great friend, and somewhat of a girlfriend even. But it's not like you can go further than that. Every time you walk with her or, on daring days, ride her back across the quad, you feel Centaur eyes burning into your neck. You've already seen what happens when one declines their invitation... you'd hate to experience the results of challenging their sexual dominance. One day, though. You're getting better at Magic, with powers that natural Centaur abilities can't hope to match, as far as you know. One day you'll do to them what they did to her. One day. THE END You instantly blush as you agree wholeheartedly. Perhaps you were too eager, but thankfully, besides a weird look, Andrew lets you off the hook. "Right..." He says, taking a deep breath. "So, first of all I'll need you to strip..." You start to protest, but then remember he doesn't wear any clothes either. Before long, you are completely naked. Then, out of nowhere, he roughly picks you up and tosses you onto the haybale. "Alright, so... present your ass, bitch!" He yells with a sudden commanding tone in his voice. "Come on, I don't have all day!" Freaked out by his sudden outburst, you turn over, thrusting your butt up into the air. With your face this close to the ground, you can really smell the remnants of his musk... even though you're used to it, it's still really overpowering. And only moreso as he stands over you, hooves planting in the hay on either side of your head. You watch as his member slides out of his sheath, big and dark. At the sight, you feel your member tightening up... as if his aggressive display of manhood is sapping your own. Your genitals seize up and go numb, and you gasp. What's happening? "Now... think happy thoughts...!" He finally says, and with some hesitation, drives his horsecock forward. But to your surprise, it doesn't penetrate your ass, but underneath it... you curl your head under your body, watching as he continues to push in, already half-way lodged in a puffy slit that is only growing bigger, shinier, and darker by the second. And then the [[pleasure]] hits."Oh damnit..." He curses under his breath. "Oh, but don't worry about it! I'll uh... just find someone else!" You continue eating, until you hear him speaking to someone else in the hall. "Excuse me! Mr. Goblin!" "Huh? Whaddaya need?" "Up for making $100 really really quick?" "Sure, how-? MMMPPHHH!" The goblin's words are quickly... ahem... muffled, before transitioning into feminine moans. The resulting sounds of squelching and equine grunts, accompanied by unfamiliar hooves clicking on the ground, are enough to make you put down your plate and think about other things for a while. Late at night, Andrew returns, and there's... something different about him. He's visibly bigger and gruffer, and his musk is far stronger now... even being used to his old musk, this new scent is driving you mad! It's just... hard to describe how it makes you feel. It leaves you confused, and you make a mental note to read up on the natural abilities of Centaurs at some point... "Oh, hey there, Roommate!" He says in a rumbling voice, pushing a small Centauress along near him, slapping her on the rump as she yelps, blushing. "This is my Mare, Temja. Say hello, girl." She steps forward, hair and fur brown, streaked with stripes of pink. She blushes, never catching your eye. "H-hey there," She says timidly, scooting away from Andrew. With one hand, she brushes hair out of her eyes, and you see the other clenching a $100 in its fist. "So... um-" The powerful stallion grips her close, eliciting another squeak from her and interrupting her speech. "So, my dear, how about we consummate our new relationship~?" He looks down at her with hungry eyes, as she tries and fails to pull away. "Relation-?!" She sputters as he walks with her over to his bed of hay. "I thought this was only for tonight!" Suddenly his stomach lands on her back, and she whimpers with sudden instinctual impulses, her marehood winking with anticipation. "Now, when did I ever say that?" Shocked that he'd use her right in front of you like that, you retreat into your bed, trying to get some sleep over their sounds of sex, feeling a strange mixture of disgust, and... [[envy?]]Your jaw drops as you feel the centaur puuush all the way into you... it's so huge you can practically feel the outline of the member stretching through your skin. But... oh god, the only thing that feels more bizarre is what the massive horsecock is inside: the puffy black marehood that has appeared on your body. But then he pulls out halfway, thrusting in again, only going faster as he bucks his muscular hips against your butt. It slowly swells, growing brown fur identical to his, slowly swelling into a suitable cushion for his rough humping. A proper mare's flank, you dizzily think to yourself. A silky tail snakes out, twitching to the side. "I'm... s-sorry!" Andrew stutters as he fucks you. Still looking below yourself, you watch teats start to grow in, not far from your cunt, and the boobs on your human torso jiggling into existence. "It's... wild magic... centaurs can make humans into their mates... by dominating them." You chuckle weakly, though as he fucks you it comes out more as a passionate huff. "Y-yeah, I can see that..." He slows down, eventually grinding to a stop. "Oh... sorry, I..." Leaving his cock inside you, but not fucking you... and eventually it starts to ache with need... you NEED him to fuck you...! "C'mon, don't stooop~!" You nearly whinny, bucking your hips against him, feeling vestigial horse legs starting to grow from your torso, as your body starts to crack and change shape. "I love it, fuck me, breed me <3!" You don't quite know what you're saying, but Andrew is back with full enthusiasm, shockwaves of pleasure shooting through you. You feel your back legs warping into hard hooves, your equine back pushing him up until his weight is resting on you rather than above you... And it feels so good! You smile and drool as he mounts you properly, front legs gripping against your horse body, digging into your fur. He reaches over your torso and kneads at your breasts, rubbing his face against yours. You feel his hot breath on you, feel him claiming you as [[his own...]]Then, all at once, you feel his dick jerk inside you, and from its tip comes a deluge of seed that floods your womb and quite nearly brings you to your knees. "Ohhhhh~!" You moan, gripping at his front legs. "T-there's so muuuuch!" He just laughs and keeps thrusting, the stream seeming unending, filling you up, causing your belly to bulge, and even leaking out at the edges of your marehood. He continues to thrust for a good few minutes after, and if you didn't know any better, you'd think that he was growing bigger and you were growing smaller... but eventually, he slides his long shaft out of your passage and walks around to your front. You look up at him, eyes slowly drawing across his chest as they reach his face, which has... changed somehow. It still has the same warmth as before, but now he seems to be stronger somehow... his chin is more angular, his features are more chiseled. You blush and avert your eyes at the sight of him... which is rather odd. You weren't this bashful before, were you? He takes your dainty hand and pulls you to your feet, holding your torso close until you can get your bearings on four legs. "Well, let's go then, my dear~! [[To the meeting]]!" He says, leading you along the campus. You quickly find you don't mind being naked, and the feeling of your belly just getting heavier feels strange and satisfying..."1. No locking me out so you can have sex with your girlfriend, or whatever." Understandable. "2. Do NOT fuck with my stuff." Makes sense. "3. I'm not going to be here all the time, so you can do what you want..." Is that even really a rule? He continued. "But while I am here, you're my bitch, get it?" The confused expression on your face must've communicated to him the contrary. He sighed. "It's like this, ya bimbo." He pantomimed thrusting into an invisible partner, and pointed in front of his thrusts. "Yeah, that's you. As an incubus, I have certain needs, and, well..." Wait, what!? You are taken aback. "H-hey! That's horrible, I don't agree to that at all." He smiles at you. "Too bad~! I was here first, so I get to make the rules. That's how it works." He winks at you and sticks out his forked tongue. We'll see about that, you think to yourself, grabbing at the school handbook from your backpack. The first page you turn to: "That's TOTALLY how it works." You sigh. Damn magic books. "And don't even think about transferring. The administration put you with me specifically, because of your... interesting talent... Morphic Resonance, right?" He walked over to you, running a clawed finger up your neck, leaving your skin red where he touched, before it immediately faded back to normal. But of course, he was the only one to see. "In fact, how about we get started, eh?" In a blast of cold flame, he was suddenly back on his bed, naked, exposing his furry goat legs, red musculature, and most noticable of all... his massive, erect, demonic cock, which seemed to shine with a sexual aura. It was almost hypnotic, drawing you to it... making you kneel before it. "So, go ahead bitch~" He said, grinning. "[[Suck]]." [[Resist...!]]You part your lips, edging closer, when suddenly your mouth is already filled with his shaft. Your jaws clamp down and your lips seem to cling to its crimson surface, as you suck like there's no tomorrow. The Incubus laughs as he grabs the back of your head, thrusting into your mouth with wild abandon. Your eyes are wide with panic, but your eyelids droop as the rhythmic fucking erases your resistance. You extend your tongue, curling it around the shaft, tasting the sweet corrupting flavor of his pre-cum. You moan as you grab his furry legs to steady yourself, pressing your lips further over his cock. You feel hungry for it, more lusty than you've ever been. And your body begins to change, to match your new role. Your lips are the first to change, swelling with each thrust, becoming more sensitive and puckered. You close your slutty lips tighter around his dick, your pleasure rising each time it slides in and out. Long blonde hair cascades down your soft face, almost obscuring the object of your unwilling lust. As you kneel, you gradually wiggle your butt further up into the air, and as it expands, your pants shrink into a shortcut skirt, leaving your new skimpy panties visible. Your chest deliciously bulges out into a massive bust, wobbling pendulously as you shirt bulges out, exposing both your midriff and cleavage. You feel your groin tighten, your own cock shrinking away into a dripping slit, pulsing with need. Oh god, he's turned you into some sort of super-curvy girl! You try to break away, but the more you move your arms against his goat legs, the more you just hold them tighter, sniffing at his musk. Your lover(?) looks down at you with a fanged grin. "Alright, ready for me to fuck your brains out?" You aren't really in a position to answer, but you look up at him pleadingly. But with your slutty face, it probably just looks like you're asking for more. And he obliges. For a moment, he stops, but you feel his shaft growing hotter in your mouth, the flavor becoming even more intoxicating. And then without warning, he pushes deep into your mouth, fucking faster than before, pounding against the roof of your mouth. Immediately, you feel weirdly dizzy as the Incubus's magic travels from your mouth into your brain. But you don't have much time to be confused, as with every thrust, you can feel your intelligence fading. You look up at your... master, feeling sudden feelings of devotion and obsession. You giggle as he strokes through your hair, happy to slurp away at his cock, which is pounding you much harder and faster than ever. Heehee, you hope he cums soon~! And in a torrent, he does, erupting hot demonic juices from the tip of his dick. And of course, being the bimbo you are, you swallow it all down greedily, smiling as you continue to bounce on his shaft until he extracts it from your mouth, leaving you kneel on the floor, licking your lips and fondling your boobies. Heehee, [[yummy!]]"Hhhh...he..." You kneel down, moving closer, stuttering as you try to protest. But then you gather your will, turn your head and away and close your eyes, stumbling backwards onto the ground. "Hell no! I'm not your bitch, got that?" You glare at him and stand up, brushing yourself off. Xack just blinks, utterly flabbergasted. "Well... uh, alright then. Ahem..." He clears his throat, speaking at you with a slightly more respectful tone. "That's some will you've got there, I guess..." You both fall silent as the night moves on. You start reading a book by one of your favorite authors, but you glance at the Incubus occasionally to make sure he's not up to any funny business. Eventually you grimace and call out to him. "Hey... put some clothes on, why don't you? You've been naked for the past three hours." And fully erect somehow, you add in your mind. He scoffs at the remark. "I'm a sex demon, genius. You were lucky to see me wearing clothes at all." You roll your eyes and give up on it, turning the lights off as you prepare to go to [[sleep]]. Even after all that, he still didn't put his clothes on... For a moment, it's difficult to think of much besides the yummy cum you're still rolling around in your mouth, and how sexy your Master Xack is... but with a snap of the Incubus's fingers, your eyes widen. A feeling like a cloud lifts off your mind... Just enough to realize that you've become decidedly dumber. Your mind just doesn't go as fast as it used to, except when relating to sex... your clever snark comes out more as clumsily timed comebacks... and it's all his fault. "Like, what the heck?!" You screech at him, voice cracking. Without thinking, you swallow the demonic semen that's in your mouth and stand up, wobbling and unsteady with your new center of gravity. "You... you master- er, mastard- ugh, baster...!" The words just won't come out right! "You big meanie! Whoa, whoooa!" Your outburst is enough to send you collapsing onto his bed, chest pressing against the sheets enticingly. Xack just grins at you, as you glare back, pouting with your slutty lips. "W-what are you smiling for?!" You demand, but he answers without words, pulling you by the chin closer to his face, where he slides his forked tongue inside your mouth as part of a passionate kiss that leaves you blushing and gasping. Breathless. You hate to admit, but something he did made it so... you're in love with him now. "Don't try to make a show of rebelling now, Miss Bimbo~" He teases, reaching up through your shirt and massaging your titties as you groan and try to pull away. But you can't, it feels so gooood~! "You're a weak-willed slut, and that's how you'll stay." "Mmmmmm..." You moan, frowning. "Okay, I guess~" You say without thinking, leaning into his touch. Then again, it is pretty difficult to think right now... He pulls you onto the bed, and you land with a yelp. There's a quick tussle as he touches you all over, leaving you blushing and naked between the sheets. "You're gonna sleep in my bed tonight, 'kay bitch?" He says, smiling, spooning you with his erect member pressing enticingly against your butt, muscular chest against your smooth back~! It felt weirdly nice, and he was so warm. "Who knows, I might even take you back to hell with me to show the family if you're good enough..." You're not exactly eager about that, but you can't get enough of his touch. So you snuggle against him, sniffing at his demonic musk. You eventually fall asleep, with slutty, corrupt dreams dancing through your [[head...]]It was in the middle of the night when you felt it... a slight shifting of your covers, stirring you from your slumber slightly. At first, you thought it might be your imagination. But then you feel a warmth against your back, arms wrap around your chest, and a hot, furry pressure at your backside, and... something between your legs... You look over and see Xack in bed with you! You try to scream in panic, but he silences you with a kiss, leaving you dazed and drained, lips slightly thicker and tongue hanging out... it was the best kiss you've ever had, but you never expected it would come from a male demon. "As much as I admire your spirit... you gave me blue balls. And for an Incubus? That's kind of... REALLY uncomfortable." You felt his dick slide up against your skin, feeling like a hot poker as it squished against your balls. You gasp as there is a palpable feeling of shrinkage down there, as his manhood overwhelms your own. "And you're still my bitch, no matter what you say... it's in the rules, remember?" You cringe and moan as he dives deep inside you, embedding his demonic rod into your new dripping pussy. Instantly, a glowing red spreads across your skin, through your veins, emerging from your nipples as your chest begins to inflate under his hands. It contaminates your whole body, until your skin is as red and smooth as his. "Funny thing about Succubi..." He said, grunting as he pounds into you. You gasp and yelp with every thrust, dainty hands over his, trying to tear them away but only helping him fondle you more. "They LIVE for this kind of thing... from mortals, it's bliss, but from an Incubus... it's an addiction~!" Your mouth gapes as you are overcome with the sensations, trying to escape but ending up thrusting back at him, tail snaking out of your spine, wings and horns emerging. He grips your horns now, leaving your breasts dangling pendulously. "Now, that's better, isn't it?" You can't answer. It feels too good. He touches you everywhere you can perceive, and some places you didn't know you had. No space is spared. You really are becoming his love-slave. "Alright, I'm getting close... now, open up!" He suddenly extracts his massive cock from your slit, causing you to moan and gasp as it rubs against the sides. With your mouth open, he pulls you over by the horns and thrusts between your plump lips, orgasming immediately. A blast of boiling hot demonic cum coats your mouth, storms down your throat as you dutifully suck, gulping down mouthful after unexpectedly delicious mouthful. And it just keeps going, like a waterhouse left on for too long. You scream out, but your voice is muffled, and your newly hooved feet kick until they can't kick anymore... By the time you're done, he collapses on you, asleep from his escapades, while you lay there, shivering and exhausted from being so used. You're... his now. The taste on your tongue seems to tell you that he's made you his unwilling girlfriend. After all, as you look at him, how could you possibly resist such a mischevious face? Such a slim yet toned body... such a giant- You shake your head, trying not to think about it. But you inevitably do, and your dreams as you drift off are filled with him railing you, and nothing else. Sweet, mindless bliss, until he wakes you up and tells you he's taking you on a [[date in Hell.]]You wake up in your master's- er, Xack's bed. Your mouth tastes salty and your whole body feels sticky all over, but that's hardly a surprise. You sigh and sit up, noting your massive wobbly boobies, and are momentarily distracted by squishing them against each other. The ease with which it amuses you is only a testament to your current dullness. A note lies on his pillow. It reads BRB. In a way, you're glad it's that simple: any more complex and you might not have understood. You feel frustrated. At your master- boyfriend- ROOMMATE, and at yourself. With how stupid and sex-crazed your mind and body currently are, there's no way you'll be able to focus on classes. You get up out of bed, walking carefully over to your side of the room, but find as you check your clothes that they've all been replaced with slutty outfits and lingerie! Oooh! That guy! Let's see how he likes it when his stuff gets messed with! You stomp back over to his side childishly and dig through his luggage. It smells like sex and sulfur, but you ignore it, instead retrieving two valuable looking things from it: -A spiked [[collar]] -A crystal [[egg]]Still angry, you slip the collar on, fastening it around your neck. It's a little tight, but nothing to worry about. If Xack wants it back, he'll have to pry it from your sexy little neck! You giggle a bit to yourself about that, but... you start to feel strange. The collar feels... hot! Too hot! You try and grab it off of you, but your hands have become big black paws. Your feet follow suit, and you fall to all fours, giggling fading into canine whining. Your tongue lengthens and lolls out of your mouth, quickly followed by your extending face. You begin panting as you are left with a black furred dog head, the fur traveling across your body. As soon as your tail appears, it raises itself, your canine slit immediately going into some sort of heat. Your boobs multiply on your chest, leaving you with 3 heavy and milky rows. You try to call for help, but you just end up barking and whimpering, rubbing your sensitive teats on the carpet until Xack comes home... He takes you to a dark, hot place you've never seen before... but ooh! Something smells good! Nice and sexy and male and... within a few minutes, a Hellhound stud is fucking you, his knot pressing into your dripping slit... and all that's on your bitchy mind is puppies. THE ENDAs soon as you touch the egg, your body is stricken by a sudden stiffness. Oh gosh! Bad idea, bad idea! You fall backwards against the bed, groaning, unable to move... except through the unwilling spreading of your legs, as the egg moves through the air towards you. In a swift motion, it flies forward and buries itself in your snatch, digging up pleasurably as it vanishes into you. Moaning, your fingers follow it, teasing your entrance as your abdomen grows. Eggs... eggs, so many eggs! They grow in your belly, pulling it taut as yellow scutes shift into existence on it. A spiked reptilian tail thrashes below, providing something of a ramp for when they eventually... you don't wanna think about it. You roar as your face becomes a puffy muzzle, filling with teeth, and your boobs inflate to the proper massive pregnant size, your limbs becoming chubbier and stumpier, tipped with claws. Your hair turns a fiery red as horns grow up to frame it... and then the eggs start coming, and you can only softly growl as they push free. A turtle-like shell slowly grows on your back as you lay, covered in spikes... When Xack comes back, he finds you sleeping and satisfied by your clutch, and he clamps iron cuffs around your arms and legs... he's got a friend who could use a breeder like you... Bowser, his name was? THE ENDWithout any further hesitation, he jams himself into you. "M-m-mooooooo~!" You bellow, and lock lips with him again, your blunt muzzles a perfect fit for each other. You're a good cow, and he's a great bull. You whisper it in his ear as he fucks you, rubbing up and down his body, telling him that you love him, flaws and all... By the time he releases into you, he's embracing you lovingly, and oddly, you're doing the same thing back. But... he was the only one affected by the love potion, right? Maybe it's just this new body... or maybe you're just being nice? Or maybe a friendly bull in your life doesn't sound like a bad idea at all~ With your belly full of calves, they've given you time off from your classes, and milking yourself has become a daily routine. Though, every time Percy comes home, it works as good foreplay~ You find yourself suddenly talented at pleasuring him in every possible way, and sharing all of his interests. It strikes you that you might just be a mirror of him, but you dismiss the thought. After all, you're happy either way~! THE ENDThe sight of his cock is just too much, and you break away, panting as you watch your body continue to change, leaving Percy dejected on the bed, looking over timidly. In horror, you lift up your udder, getting a closer look at the sopping cowhood between your legs. You whimper a bit, and clop over to your side of the room, moving cautiously as to not fall. You explain the situation to the school board later, and to your alarm, they expell you! It seems they had plans for a human, but have no use for a slutty cow. Indeed, they don't even change you back, leaving you to head home as a bovine. How are you gonna explain this to your friends and family...? The thought of it disturbs you so much, you don't even notice a minotaur sidle up next to you on the bus. You also don't notice as your body responds subconciously, slipping a hoof-hand down his pants, with your muzzle to follow soon after. You miss your stop, but by then you no longer care. You enter into a community of fellow bovines, who marvel at your unusual origins and unending sexual endurance. You blush and accept the praise, panicking inside as you realize that your bovine sex drive is moving you involuntarily... the effects of the love potion were strong and dangerous, of course. And even though you only got its secondary effects... they're enough to keep you here, opening your legs to start a family. You never get used to it, and neither does Percy, whose mind is still obsessed with you... and unaware of the love potion, he never seeks out a cure... THE ENDThe meeting hall smelled like a stable, if a stable had less unpleasant smells and more of stallion musk. Just walking in, you moan quietly, feeling your breasts and marehood becoming sensitive. Ready. Every stallion there has a mare beside them, or not far behind, most with round, heavy bellies. Looking down, you blush as you find that you are no different. Just another brood mare in the herd. As if sensing your thoughts, Andrew puts an arm over you for a moment, before hugging you close and kissing you, to the cheers of the other males. They crowd around him, talking vicariously, leaving you to explore the meeting, which is a lot more like a party. You meander around, taking in the sights, mostly trying to get used to your new legs, when you start to feel something strange... You look over, and see that Andrew seems to be getting exhausted somehow... as he talks with the other stallions, you watch as his expression becomes less confident, as his harsh male attributes fade... while the stallions stand at attention, their equine shafts engorged and ready. You are about to call over, but you feel eyes trailing on your rump. Stallions are beginning to surround you, too... they have a strange glint in their eyes... maybe Andrew can hold his own for a while~? [[Socialize]]. [[Stand by your stallion]].You halt on your way, turning back to the other stallions as you smile and stroke your flank. They descend upon you... around the same time that the others descend upon Andrew. You thought you were filled before. But now that you've had innumerable cocks, jammed into just about every hole you have, you now know the true meaning of the word. You tremble, holding your ass up into the air, offering to any passersby. Not by choice, anymore: you're far too tired to keep yourself standing, no matter how much cock you want. And now that you've felt it, you want A LOT. No, you're suspended in a rack, body immobilized in the perfect position for constant breeding, your extremely pregnant belly drooping down before you, as your boobs and teats swell. Before long, a mare is placed in a rack next to you, far better off (or worse off) than you. You try to greet her, but all that comes out is a moan. You're a slut now, and forever, to these wonderful stallions... but before your mind fades away into sexual bliss completely, you hear the stallions discussing how they'd never let 'such a goody-four-hooves wimp' into their club... THE ENDSensing danger, you leap past the stallions surrounding you, and push past the ones near Andrew, despite their hands grabbing at your breasts and rump, before you press yourself against him, panting, eyes pleading with his. At the sight of you, he gasps and smiles, regaining his confidence. "Well, boys, I'm afraid the mate wants to head back to our den... I'm sure you understand?" They look at each other, confused... "Who cares what the mare wants...?" One murmurs. The other, stronger ones in the back grimace, and approach, cocks bobbing beneath them, magic pulsing in their hands. Eyes widening, you pull Andrew by the hand through the open door, as a spell turns the nearby wall into the bust of a slutty centauress. The two of you dash across the quad as the centaurs continue flinging spells at the two of you! Most of them miss, or hit other students, but any that would hit Andrew, you linger back and block with your own body. Since you're already a centauress, they wouldn't do anything, right? Still, you feel a bit tingly... Just when it seems they'll chase you forever, a huge snake comes out of nowhere, sweeping them off their feet! It's the potions teacher, a huge magical snake, and with a hiss, the offending stallions are changed into mewling lamia bimbos, only vaguely aware of how much trouble they're in. But they're not the only ones in trouble. You feel a vague gurgling within you, and your knees buckle. You groan, and Andrew looks down at you, alarmed. "What is it, what's wrong?" "I... like, I dunno..." You mumble, as you watch your fur become bleached, blonde hair falling to either side of your eyes... and then everything goes dark. In that darkness, you feel certain things melting away... being replaced by new things... and when you wake up, you find yourself wedged between a sleeping Andrew and the floor, suckling on his cock. But oddly, you find nothing with this situation... even though the calendar is many weeks later, and many bottles are arranged near your haypile, which has replaced your bed, reading 'ANTI-BIMBO' or something like that. You don't really care, but DAMN~! Andrew is looking good! A paragon of masculinity, offsetting your awesome sluttiness~ He's such a good mate. THE END Hell is hot. Physically, of course, but your demonic hide can handle that. But also metaphysically. Every time your hooves touch the ground, you feel your arousal flare, and you feel the eyes of the inhabitants on you. Incubi like Xack, and other things you can hardly name... Both of you naked, you cling to Xack's arm fearfully, your boobs and his cock bobbing in the open air. Every so often, his hand rubs down your curves, and he grins as he feels your breathing quicken... it's humiliating. "Hey baby..." He rumbles at you expectantly. "Yes...?" You say back. "Yes, what?" "Yes... d-dear?" You spit. "I was thinking more... yes, master." "F-fuck you..." On his home turf, it's a dangerous game, but he can sense the lack of resolve in your voice. He's convinced he's broken you. "My thoughts exactly. Look ahead." He gestures to a pink building in front of you. The design, signs, and patrons make it quite clear: it's a love hotel. "Looks like a nice place to hang out for a few decades, huh?" "D-decades?! But... school! Life!" You panic. "Oh come on, we're demons! Practically immortal. They'll have updated your enrollment by now... we don't ever even need to go back unless we want to..." He wraps an arm around your shoulders, groping your boob as he pushes you closer... and closer... You could always [[stand up to him]]. Though... it might be safer if you [[don't say anything]]."N-n... NO!" You push away from him, silencing the demons on the street. Xack looks around, angry that he's lost control. "Girl, what the hell are you doing?!" "I'm not your 'girl'! I'm not a demon!" You screech at him. "I'm tired of being treated like dirt!" He seems taken aback. "Wait... what? I thought... humans found that sexy..." He mutters. "No! Of course not!" You yell. "Just... change me back!" He slowly shakes his head, but then approaches, taking you down a dark alley, away from the other demons. "It can be dangerous to say that kind of stuff in Hell, y'know..." He grumbles. "If I seem weak, I could end up just like you to any demon out there..." "What do you mean, 'just like me'?" "There's no way to turn you back, dude..." He said. "You're stuck like this. Bound to me." Your stomach falls. Your mouth gapes, and you stare him in the face. He... seems sorry, but... you just don't know what to do. You have a rising urge to [[run away]]... But a similar urge to just [[kiss him]].You stay silent as the two of you enter the hotel. An imp grins laviciously at you, eyes moving up and down your body. You try to cover yourself, but end up just striking an alluring pose. He cackles. "A room for two, please..." Xack says. "Haha! Anything for you, Xack. Another new girl? For shame, you rascal~" He's done this before, huh? Some part of you feels a bit... sad. What does it even matter, you don't even like this guy! The incubus opens a door to a huge room, roughly shoving you in. You gasp as you breathe in a pink mist in the room, and feel your libido leap! "Aphrodisiac~" Xack says, trailing his fingers in your hair as he passes you, lounging on a massive heart-shaped bed. You remain standing, even as he displays his cock. Your eyes move around the room... god, it's a pervert's paradise... sex toys, moving images of sex... you think you see two human slaves, eternally fucking each other... "Well? It's not gonna suck itself, my little loveslave..." He wiggles his cock a bit, and you find your mouth watering.... Fuck it, you'll just [[suck it]]. Or better yet... you'll [[fuck him]]!You run away. Far away, out of the demon city. Into the wilds of Hell. A slave-type Succubus, without your master... You are never formally heard from again, but there are whispers of a legendarily resilient fucktoy Succubus, being passed between tribes of demonic animals... But the truth? You've long since given up on finding a way home. Embracing your sex-crazed form, you've started making a checklist of all the demon guys you still need to fuck. Next up? Gorillas~ Mmmmmm~ THE ENDBoiling tears welling in your eyes, you press Xack against the wall, making out with him. His eyes widen as you press against him, rubbing the contours of his body. He pushes you off for a moment. "W-wait! Why-" Until you're at him again. This time you stop. "We... we can make this work... we're roommates, remember?" You grin lustily as you throw your arms over his shoulders, climbing up his body, grinding your slit along his shaft. "Let's just set a few ground rules, hmm~?" You stare into his eyes. He grins sheepishly. "1. You treat me with respect from now on. An equal." You lower yourself onto his shaft, moaning and giggling as it slides in, impossibly big... "2. Do NOT fuck me... unless I want to also~" He responds in kind, thrusting upwards as you press down. His snake-like tongue teases your nipples. "And 3... I'm going to want to be by myself sometimes... but when we're together..." Soon, the two of you are screaming and laughing and moaning in ectasy, flames spitting from your mouths and his boiling cum shooting up into your womb as your hooves wrap around his hips. "We're gonna be each others' bitches~" In just a few short days, your belly is distended, pregnant with innumerable imps, which you pop out with little difficulty... they're all so cute~! And Xack is maturing, being nurturing, but no less sexy~ "After all... as a Succubus, I have certain needs~" THE ENDYou climb onto the bed, crawling towards his cock, with a strange mixture of anticipation and disgust. He's seen it before apparently, grinning with fanged teeth as he notices it in your eyes. In this room, you feel so horny... you can't help but... close your clawed hands around that shaft, and lunge forward, enveloping it with your soft slutty lips. You move up and down, over and over, feeling that familiar sensation of his cum blasting up into you... He starts thrusting, and you feel him working his magic... your will softens, replaced with obedience and submissiveness... your memories fade, replaced with seductive posture and doe-eyed lust. By the time he's done with you, you're licking absently at his cock, no other object attracting any of your attention... He carries you a long way, bouncing you on his shaft, until he tosses you unceremoniously in a soft bedroom... or rather, a pile of other Succubi like you, all moaning and rubbing at each other... his previous conquests. And as he closes the door, you join in, moaning with the memories of his sex in your mind... losing yourself among his harem. THE ENDWith a sudden moan of lust, you leap onto the bed, pressing your boobs against his chest. If you're gonna be his loveslave, might as well own it, right? You spread your legs, slowly shivering as you spear yourself on his hot phallus. You breathe hard, resting there for a moment as you grin back at him. "Haha~!" Xack sneers at you, grabbing your shoulders. "Want a bit more than you were given, huh?" You groan as he presses all the way down, before fucking you with a vengeance! His arms wrap around his body as he quickly turns the tables, pressing you against the bed as he mounts you, thrusting like a jackhammer! "Oh... oh go-" You try to say, but a pink dildo rudely interrupts, thrusting into your mouth. Out of instinct, you start sucking... and keep going and going and going...! Your mouth wraps around the false cock as its latex spreads across your body, leaving your red skin pink and rubbery. Each thrust produces a squeak, and sooner or later your whole body is a sexdoll, immobile but filled with lust. He removes the dildo and kisses you deeply, extracting... something. It seems to be a grey wisp, and without it... you feel hollow. He puts it on the tip of his cock and thrusts it into your puffy rubber vagina! And suddenly, everything goes dark. Your last thought is Xack fucking you forever. And you can think of nothing else. THE ENDOver the next few weeks, you see Temja evolve into a timid Mare into a proper example of breeding stock, with a bridle almost permanently stuck in her mouth, and foals almost always occupying her belly. And with each new Centaur that is born, you feel more and more of this strange jealousy! Every time you look at Andrew, you feel your obsession rising. He hardly even glances at you anymore. It interferes with your studies, with your hobbies, with your entire everyday life, until you finally decide to do something about it! If it takes being a Mare to get his attention, well... Poring over every aspect of Equine physiology, as well as the pleasure the feminine form can provide, you hastily shove all related ingredients into a single magical potion! Who cares if you currently have a D+ in potions? This kind of thing is simple! Right? You rush back to your room and lay on your Stallion's bed before he gets back, and down your potion in a single gulp! You eagerly await on all fours, waiting for the magic to take effect! And before long, it does. A slick chill spreads through your body, starting in your belly... huh, looks like you're turning pink! Pink fur isn't too bad, you think to yourself. A luxurious equine tail sprouts from your spine, the same texture as your hair. You long to touch it, but wait... after all, you'll soon have a long coat of fur that both you and your future mate will stroke lovingly~! But you realize too late that no, you're not growing any fur. Your hips grow wide and your legs grow curvy and slender, but as you rub your thighs together, you notice them squeaking. You look back to see a Mare's hindquarters, made entirely out of rubber! Even your hooves are little more than blunt ends to your toyish feet. And lastly, to your horror, you feel your manhood inverting... but not into the Marehood you expected. A puffy slit appears on your rubber backside... like the opening of a sexdoll. And while you can feel it, sensitive in the air... you find that you cannot move your rubberized parts at all. "No no naaaaahhhhhh~<3" You try to cry out, but you feel your mouth lengthening into a rubber horse snout, the opening that remains resembling your lips in back. A snout?! No! You're not even turning into a Centauress! If your eyes hadn't shifted into a half-lidded rubber parody of themselves, you feel like you could almost cry. But then, the door [[opens]]... Andrew and his... 'mate' trot in, his hands on her reins and rubbing her shoulders... but as soon as they see you, they freeze. You're fully transformed now, not able to move or speak... simply a pink equine sexdoll sitting on their bed. There's no way you'll be able to compete now. Not with an actual centauress. He'll just shove you in the closet, and- ooooooOOOH~! In the end, you get what you want. Not only does your mate fuck you first that night, he does frequently, the pair using you in their increasingly kinky games. You're basically immortal now, so there is a time when the pair grows tired of you... but now you've got his colts, now stallions to give you attention. You've had time to think about things... or rather, not think about them, and now your entire personality has been subsumed by a need to be fucked, to be used... and you're not picky~ THE END"So, what? Are you gonna make someone fall in love with your or something?" You grin. "Maybe catch the eye of the lovely hydra science teacher?" "You misunderstand," He explains, downing the potion himself and looking back down at you. "This potion has a rather... peculiar way of working." You stammer and step back a bit, as the giant snake seems to shiver all over. Is he making himself... fall in love with you? The next time he opens his eyes, its with a half-lidded stare, as he slithers around you. "You see, my dear~" He says, flicking his tongue about you... you start to feel strange... dry and slippery all at the same time. "This is a potion only for a desperate lover... for no matter who you look at, they will be the perfect target for your love... one way or another." "I don't like where thisssss is going-" You start to say, then close your mouth suddenly, clapping your hands over it. But just as soon as you do, you find that you don't have hands anymore. Quickly followed by your legs, who tear through your pants to conjoin into a tail that is only growing longer. "Just relaxxxx~!" He says, wrapping around you, squeezing you out of your tearing clothes as your body lengthens to match his. But you are stiff, and breathing hard, as you feel something change down below. "I will provide for you, my mate... after all, I love you now! All I ask for in return are eggsss... and possibly some love back~" "E-eggs?" You stutter, but then your expression changes to one of bliss. "E-e-eggsssssssss..." Your serpentine jaw opens wide as the snake thrusts between your coiled bodies, his dual-cock slamming into you, causing you both to writhe in sexual frenzy. He guides you back to your den as you feel your abdomen swelling, and the two of you work together to build a proper nest. Each egg pushes out nicely as you moan and hiss, sliding between your snake-like passage. Your last thoughts as you slip into slumber beside your attentive mate is how bad of an idea it would've been to bring the potion to your dorm... what if Percy had drunk it...? THE END